Reduce Your Footprint - Get Rewarded

Climate change and energy costs affect everyone on the planet.
Carbon Cash helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint
as well as their utility bill by providing incentives to use less energy.

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Monitor your usage

Monitor your energy usage in real time with charts, push notifications, and email reports.

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Reports
  • Day / Week / Month / Year Breakdowns
  • Beautiful Charts
  • Building Comparison / Ranks
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Usage Goals / Projections
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Gift cards and discounts

Brands and Retailers give rewards for using less.

Users earn points

Users earn points for beating their usage goals and for learning about energy usage/sustainability through videos and quizzes.

Points are redeemed for rewards

Brands give away rewards in exchange for points to contribute to their eco-friendly image and to drive in new customers.

Other Features


Users are able to see how they stack up against others in terms of points and their energy usage for their area.

Education Content

Educational videos and articles inform users on how and why to change their daily energy usage habits. Users complete quizzes to earn points.


(Coming Soon) Users challenge each other and wager their points to beat certain goals.

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